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Noise...so much noise...so much static. Horrible news reposted on Facebook. Horrible people posting blindly about how great they are. (Unfollowed! Should have done that a while back, but on good days I enjoyed laughing at train wrecks.) Horrible people doing horrible things, and the constant discussion of it. Can I have a trigger warning for trigger warnings? I'm exhausted. Yes, that's a expression of privilege. I acknowledge it. It doesn't change the fact that bad news and bad things are cumulative.

Perhaps I should celebrate instead; the fact that I am bombarded by tragedy at every turn in part means there is no tragedy of my own to occupy my time and thoughts. My current trials and tribulations involve tight schedules with too many social activities, feeling frustrated by the minor irritations at the job that pays me almost six figures a year, feeling fairly creative with no real drive to actually get something down, and the vague distractions that cover keeping up with the administrative side of a life I share with a wonderful partner.

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