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New Years!

I view resolutions for the new year as somewhat spurious, but this time around I think I've actually got some worth doing. (read: realistic and constructive) The two primary objectives are simple - a new music creation of some sort every two weeks and a new original painting every two weeks. Substitutions are allowed, so for example: 1) I'm working through a book on painting with straightforward examples, so three of those will be an acceptable substitute for one original work. 2) While I'd like to go for every other week swapping back and forth doing paintings a few weeks in a row or music a few weeks in a row will be fine. 3) As far as music is concerned it should be either a new posted mix or a new track that's at least in final rough cut status. Posting the original work is still a sensitive topic, so I'll play that by ear. (I really have no idea why I'm so touchy about posting original music and I should make a point to address that.) Last but not least, I need to lose 20lbs. I originally targeted a lower amount, but 20 should be both more realistic and satisfactory from a health standpoint.

These three goals are reasonable, especially since I'm just looking to focus my creative output into more of a scheduled/regular thing. It's also a loose target thing, so it's certainly not the end of the world if I miss a checkpoint. If I can hit every checkpoint I will be unbelievably happy. If I can't hit every checkpoint, I'll just have to settle for "contented." Not a bad plan, if I do say so myself.


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