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Wondering What To Do - But Not How You Might Think

Arg, this was sitting in my buffer from several weeks ago, complete and unposted:

It's fairly common for me to spend time in my day wondering exactly what I should do with my free time/day/life. What's extremely uncommon is that these days I have an amazing pool of successful things to pull from. I finally got around to painting with acrylics a few months ago and it's taken off in some great ways; it's not the constant struggle that sketching/drawing always ends up being. (Perhaps it's the deeply ingrained belief that my drawings should be as perfect as possible.) Paint is such a different medium and I don't have a long history with it, so I'm able to be okay with the fact that I'm not great yet. (There's also the fact that it's easy to do complex abstract pieces in paint, neatly side-stepping the entire question of "accuracy.") I've gotten comfortable with the materials themselves so I've picked up a "paint every day" book with 50 simple project paintings designed to teach various techniques. It's been extremely helpful, and I'm eager to put brush to canvas as often as I can.

Musically I had to convert my entire studio into a digital form, selling off the keyboards and rack units in exchange for Ableton, Traktor, and a couple of desktop controllers. This has also had a positive impact, apparently working with the physical gear got just complicated/trying enough that it kept me from good productivity. The software is much easier to work with, and my output has been steady. I've recently realized that I need to spend some time analyzing music in the genres I wish to work with, because left to my own devices I have a tendency to add layer after layer until the track is a mess. (Or there are so many disparate parts that I get stuck trying to make them all fit together.) The truth is that I need to simplify the music and focus more on the production part that has been made so much easier, and I think that once I've truly reached that point I'll be churning out tracks like crazy.

It's been a very surprising and very pleasant six months. I've even re-added bead-weaving to the repertoire, which works out to my version of knitting: I can do it while talking up a storm. Between these three things I've been able to generate creative works at a pace that would actually boggle my past self.

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