Rane (rane500) wrote,

More Mixes in the Works

I’ve kind of gone nuts with this controller, expect another couple of mixes shortly. I had originally intended to make the next one a jungle/drum & bass mix, but I’ve determined to mix the tracks I want properly I’ll need to create/sample some transition beats to use. It’ll take some time to track good beats down, so in the meantime I’m putting together another breaks mix, again with recent releases. (I plan on recording some ‘classic’ sets at some point, but right now there’s just too much good modern stuff.) This one will be a bit faster and even heavier on the bass, I think.

On an unrelated note, I hit the 20lb mark this week in terms of lost weight. The shocking part is that I’m not even halfway done, but I am definitely right on schedule. I stumbled across some head shots from about six months ago, and I was shocked at the difference…and at how chubby I had gotten. The weight lifting is also yielding some interesting results, as I helped a friend carry a lot of heavy furniture boxes up a flight of stairs over the weekend. Not only was it much, much easier than that sort of thing used to be, it did not make me tired or leave me feeling strained.

I could really get used to this.


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Tags: fitness, music

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