April 13th, 2013

Kenshin2, Me

More or Less Shutting This Down

Unfortunately the blog's crosspost plugin has completely ceased working, and I have no idea how to fix it. At this point this journal is more or less switching to inactive. I highly encourage anyone reading to head over to http://impulsive-designs.net, as that will be my online presence for the foreseeable future. Bookmark the feed in your favorite reader!

As a final announcement, I have been running a weekly podcast for the past month: it's a new continually mixed breakbeat set every Friday, with other genres possible on random days whenever time permits...which hasn't happened yet. The podcast is named Voyager, and is also searchable on iTunes with the author listed as MEA - the "name" (technically just my initials) I plan to use when mixing music either live or via the show. You can find show information with relevant links here: http://www.impulsive-designs.net/voyager-podcast/

Also - if you're on Twitter, follow me at @rane500 and tweet me to follow you back.

Shade and Sweet Water,