February 14th, 2012

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So the shot worked - my foot is better. I won't say fixed, because I can feel the fibrosis most of the time, but the pain is gone and I'm starting to get a handle on what aggravates it. We'll see if it's manageable or not - I really don't want to go through surgery.

I spent over $200 on clothes over the weekend, but in the process I've refreshed my wardrobe until summer. Liquidation sales were everywhere, it was actually pretty surprising - I think I picked up about $500 worth of clothes in total, capped with a $180 coat for $35. I still need a new pair or two of shoes, but that'll take some time. Starting tomorrow I join a gym - work has set up a deal with LA Fitness and the price is perfect. Considering there's one about a mile from the house I should be able to work up a routine. Amusingly enough though the more I go into image overdrive the less I consider doing anything with it. The overall hassle of dating and meeting someone seems more of an irritation than it's worth at this point, so I guess I'm doing all of this purely for myself. I'm going to pimp both the house and myself out, and I'm looking forward to every bit of it.

The house stalled a bit with my foot issues, but I've been trying to at least spend an hour or two every night tinkering on bits and pieces. If I can just get the library finished I know I'll get a second wind on the whole project. I've also decided to rip the door out separating the downstairs from the rest of the house. It's an awful door, it serves very little purpose, and the frame is heavily damaged. Besides, once I yank it out and clean the rec room I can move the litter box down there behind a nice folding screen and not have it in the library. This translates to even more shelving in there, to a point where it might actually end up holding ALL of my books.

My tax returns are large enough to cover a nice new 60" TV and living room furniture, so there's some incentive to get that area finished as quickly as possible. I've got the entire finished layout of the house planned out, and it will result in a) the litter box out of the way, b) an entirely new living room, c) a library, d) a dedicated music studio, e) a dedicated photography studio, and d) a dedicated, decorated, and comfortable guest room. I'll have the capability to truly entertain folks without anything getting in the way and offer an actual place to sleep versus a comforter and the couch. Granted, I have no idea if people will end up visiting, but with a clean and well-stocked house it's a solid potential.

On a final note - when it comes to music, at least: god bless the French.
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