December 29th, 2011


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I built out the final stages on one of the nine corner pieces last night, and I learned a great deal from my mistakes. The corner itself is salvageable, it'll just take some extra care. The additional information learned should make the other eight much easier, and I'm hoping to have five more completed tonight. (On an amusing note I now know exactly why some corner pieces look the way they do.)

I'm really behind schedule, but the only person that schedule matters to is myself. I've got a long vacation coming up starting Jan 8th, and I was originally hoping to have the dining room done before I left. That won't be possible at this point; I can get it painted by then, but the flooring won't be possible. Not a huge deal, but I was hoping to get some good experience in with the flooring while still in the 30 day purchase window - just in case.

I am so out of sync in my sleep cycle. I was doing so well until my vacation - ironically that seemed to make things worse rather than help.
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