December 22nd, 2011


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I've been drifting a bit of late, but I'm tempted to pin most of that on SW: The Old Republic. It's easy to get lost in that game, and while I no longer consider that to be "wasting time," it certainly does take away from everything else I like/want/need to do. It's also been screwing up my sleeping pattern, which is a backslide from the rather rigorous routine I was following prior to the game's release. I'm going to pass on logging in tonight to pick back up on work in the dining room - I still have some minor patching and hand sanding to do before priming and painting. I bought all of the flooring last weekend, and I really need to start getting that down as soon as possible. The constant rain has made it impossible to pick up the sheetrock I need for finishing off the doorway openings, and I think I've subconsciously used that as an excuse not to do any work at all when I do in fact have things I can do.

The true negative of all of the remodeling in progress is that I have used it as an excuse to do far less house cleaning than normal. That plus a bizarre interruption in my trash service means pretty much all of the house is in shambles, but I hope to rectify that this weekend. Time marches on, and while there is no immediate need to have the work on the house finished I'd like to get it wrapped up before something can happen to truly steal or prevent my attention to getting it done. After all, the kitchen has been sitting in a half-remodeled state for YEARS.

Work has been light this week, and that's been a welcome change. The weekend got a bit crazy with a bizarre late-night page that kept me up until 10am Sunday morning, but beyond that it hasn't been a huge bother. It may just be a side effect of the drifting sensation I mentioned above, but my mood hasn't been stellar lately. I ponder the idea of dating and I have to ask myself exactly what the motivation truly is. There's always an emotional vacuum when a relationship ends and it's tempting to try to fill the void as quickly as possible, but that always - *always* - ALWAYS - leads to poor decision making. I also know I wouldn't be able to do half the things I'm currently involved in if I was juggling a forming relationship of any kind. I think it's partially just a lack of sex, and not just for the act itself - the physical closeness and the base need it fills to be desired is more likely the culprit.

Christmas is here, although it certainly doesn't feel like it. I've been so preoccupied on various things and there aren't many gifts to buy so it's hardly felt like an event to pay much attention to outside of cookies and other gift food that finds its way to my desk or door.

Time to head home. I'm leaving a hair early to stop by Home Depot, I need a few minor supplies to continue my work tonight.
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