June 1st, 2011


Somewhat Tired

Lots to think about these days. Didn't get the position at work, so now I am pondering my next move. There's at least one other department I could shoot for, or I could stay where I am and get another raise, or I could go elsewhere entirely. I'm feeling a bit burned out, but that's more likely due to the extended hours thanks to some system trouble. I'll have some time off soon, so that helps.

I'm having continual difficulty getting a drawing project off the ground. I've talked about it before, and about how I think I've fallen out of some sort of practice. My mother had an elegant solution - there's an extremely nice art center not even a mile from the house. I've looked in on it, and it seems promising. As soon as they put their summer schedule out I'll sign up for a class or two.

I've been involved in a very frustrating search for a gym that's not a rip off in some way or another. Originally I was looking for 24/7, and while a few presented themselves a quick skim of various review and complain sites eliminated each of them one by one. I'm settling on what is essentially a local chain - 2 locations, one just a few miles from the house. It's not 24/7 but that's just too bad, I'll learn to get up a little early to go. I'll swing by at some point this weekend, or maybe before work on Friday. I don't want to sign anything, or at least not anything longer than 3 months...hopefully they have that option. 95% of the reviews were extremely happy with the place, especially since it changed hands a few years ago. Why a gym? Three pieces of equipment, really. a) treadmill, b) cycle, and most importantly c) elliptical.

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