May 22nd, 2011


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Well, I know that exploration is definitely the career for me in EVE. I moved to a new home system tonight, somewhere a bit less secure with some options for open space. First experiment in scanning revealed a wormhole, a temporary connection to an uncharted system. That actually made me very excited - I was going to be the only one who could travel to it and there would be no one else around. No security forces to help, either. I was poking around in the unsafest kind of space at all, and there was always the chance the wormhole could collapse. It was nifty getting that excited over something in a game again, it's been a while. I scanned for mining areas, found a rich deposit, but was only able to mine for a few minutes before serious NPC drones showed up. After that I went and messed with the new(ish) planet mining feature knowing that again - here were rich worlds and I had no competition to worry about. I'm still trying to get the hang of planet mining, but I've managed to break even on the one I created and there's still some life in it.

We've switched to Coke Zero at the house. I've always felt it was tolerable - a mix of Coke and Diet Coke flavor-wise that I could drink without too much of an issue. Last week I started drinking normal soda at work off and on and the difference was palpable. Today I popped a Coke Zero for the first time in a few days and was startled to discover it now tastes like Coke in my mind - conversion complete. I had a thought that might happen, but wasn't sure.

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