April 12th, 2011


Earthshaking Stuff, Naturally

Lately it seems like I only post when something big is happening.

In this case, it's me considering applying for an internal position that's opening up. It's a step up in terms of the technical food chain - it's the department support escalates everything to. I'm not really concerned at all about getting the position - it's not bragging to say I am the best possible internal candidate. I have the exact pedigree the position requires and I have an excellent working relationship with everyone in the group. (Hell, they both came from support as well and I'm the one who helped originally train them.) I've also already spoken with the manager to ask what she thought of me working for her, and after she got over her initial surprise (everyone thinks I've put down roots in support) she was enthusiastic about the idea, going so far as to volunteering to let me know the instant the posting was actually available for application.

No, my concern/worry stems from having to tell my director I'm leaving. I literally love working for this woman, and she has done a lot for me since she started. She relies on me implicitly and in some ways lets me do what I want because she knows I'll be productive. She's always known there would eventually come a day when I would want to leave, but the department is in a bit of a crunch as it is right now. Monday we lose the other tier 2 workhorse to the provisioning department (although this is one reason I want out - it's going to get really ugly workload-wise and I have no desire to burn out), and there really aren't any replacements ready to fill either her shoes or mine quite yet. Still, in many ways the new job is the perfect position for me to move into and while loyalty is a great attribute to have there comes a point in office politics where the career path has to take precedence.

I'm just not looking forward to that conversation.
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