February 14th, 2011


The Five Days

Woke up Thursday choking on my own uvula. The doc took one look at my throat and ordered a steroid shot, those are always so aggravating. They work though, so it's a shrug and a nod. She then prescribed more steroids and an antibiotic. Friday I woke up feeling better, but went ahead and worked from home just to be safe. Lots of fun work issues, although I pushed through and was extremely satisfied with where everything ended up. Saturday I woke up later than expected but went out to run errands and to take care of some Valentines stuff. Right as I decide to hit a drive-through to grab an in-transit snack the clutch slave cylinder blew. (Despite the overall frustration with that, it couldn't have picked a better place to go - I was already safely in a near-empty parking lot.) Went to grab a quick dinner while deciding what to do, broke a tooth. I called to have the car towed to the shop, and the wrecker guy took over an hour just trying to find me - despite having the actual address. Got the car towed ($70) and today the shop called with the repair estimate ($440). Yesterday for some bizarre reason my sinuses clogged completely despite being on a steroid and an antibiotic. I'm still having trouble breathing, but that's solidly just in the "nuisance" category. Skimming through work e-mails while waking up reveals today will be busy, but in a pleasant way. I'll call the dentist today to see what can be done about my tooth.
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