January 17th, 2011



I joke about being completely dependent on my iPhone, but at this point I really am. It holds almost everything, let's me access almost everything from anywhere, and eliminates the need for a half-dozen devices and notebooks. Having said that, I think the thing that astonishes me the most is how durable it is. Say what you like about Apple and Steve Jobs, but this sucker is a marvel. I've dropped it dozens of times, quite a few of them in parking lots. Tonight I managed to drop it in the snow - where it sat for almost an hour - and it's perfectly fine.

The only phone I've ever owned that was more durable than this one was a one-Watt monster about the size of DS and twice as thick from the late 90s that I carried my first few years at Nextel. (Nothing will ever beat that phone, you could run over it with a car and barely scratch it. I had proof of that at my desk, one of my spare test phones was run over not once but twice. Total damage? It bent the antenna. Slightly.) Considering this phone is an always-connected computer and that phone only had 10 total memory slots for programmed numbers, I think that's a pretty impressive feat.
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